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The Sustainable Affordable Mobility cover all modes and forms of transport in the entire urban agglomeration, including public and private, passenger and freight, motorised and non-motorised, moving and parking. There is strong evidence that sustainable mobility planning raises the quality of life in an urban area. Well-coordinated policies, as defined by a Sustainable Mobility Plan, result in a wide range of benefits, such as more attractive public spaces, improved road safety, better health, and less air and noise pollution.


SAEV is working in the field of SUN TO MOBILITY; The concept is to charge the electric vehicle with the help of SUN through Solar Panel, extra produced power will be sold to the grid to maintain the cost and economics of project and start the payback from day one, SAEV is also working on the different possibility to convert the existing vehicle into the electric to conserve the environment  and reduce the carbon emission. 

Battery EVs

Battery EVs have no combustion engine, only an onboard battery which provides energy to an electric motor. BEVs are charged from external electricity supply, typically plugging into an EV charge point. When the required energy is drawn from the electric-cells and converted to motive power by the use of one or more electric motors

Plug-in hybrid EVs

Plug-in hybrid EVs have an electric powertrain together with a small- to a medium-sized combustion engine, which enables operation in full electric mode, using conventional fuel, or a combination of both. Like standard hybrids, the use of a battery allows for the combustion engine to be operated at high efficiency. Unlike their conventional counterparts, PHEVs also have an ‘inlet’ socket enabling them to be charged directly from an external electricity supply

Range-extended EVs

Range-extended EVs are plug-in hybrids with a particular configuration. In their purest form, REXs are ‘series hybrids’ with only electric motors used to drive the wheels. In most respects, the vehicle behaves like a BEV, with the battery being charged by an external supply. However, a small internal combustion engine is available as an onboard generator to recharge the battery if required – though this never drives the wheels directly

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Sustainable Affordable Mobility

A Sustainable Affordable Mobility fosters a balanced development of all relevant transport modes, while encouraging a shift towards more sustainable modes. The plan puts forward an integrated set of actions to improve performance and cost effectiveness with regard to the declared goals and objectives. These actions include technical, promotional and market-based measures and services as well as infrastructure.


The following topics are typically addressed in a Sustainable Mobility public transport, non-motorised transport (walking and cycling), intermodality and door-to-door mobility, urban road safety, flowing and stationary road transport, urban logistics, mobility management, and Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS).



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